Hard Drive | A Family's Fight Against Three Countries

What Americans need to know about a family's worst nightmare.

Mary Todd has been married to her husband Rick for 37 years, together they are the proud parents of four brilliant sons. As a family they lived a charmed life, until that shocking morning of June 24, 2012, when Mary received a phone call informing her that her beloved first-born son had hanged himself in his Singapore apartment.

Since that fateful day, Mary and Rick, along with a few friends and family members have been the sole investigators in the death of their son, and have since discovered overwhelming evidence that their son did not take his own life, but rather his life was taken from him.

“Hard Drive: A Family’s Fight Against Three Countries” is the incredulous story of Dr. Shane Truman Todd. This captivating true story includes twists and turns, intrigue, espionage, murder, and cover-up. What makes this complex, gut-wrenching tale different from any other is that it is told from the unique perspective of Dr. Todd’s mother, Mary Todd, and his cousin, Dr. Christina Villegas.